Hugh Christopher Brown

Chris has been receiving information from an unknown source ever since his “kidney operation” at age six months. He considers himself more or less cellular antennae, and feels the clavinet was removed from him during the original surgery.

Music has been his least disruptive form of stellar communion – predating his days as a St. Michael’s choirboy in Toronto, he would transcribe the Irish Rovers, Sly Stone, songs by The Clash and Booker T and the MGs. Later, he was transformed by Floyd Cramer’s version of fire and rain.

Beyond the daily tasks of preparation, Chris has recorded his own music, and played (usually organ, piano and clavinet – but sometimes trombone, tuba or other things) for many others. He continues to explore the great nervous system with his doctor, Kate Fenner.

Often distressed by the non-harmonic functions of greed, fear and obedience, Chris finds charity hockey games great places to discuss class wars and the more subtle enforcement methods over beers.

His one allergy is to sincerity contests.