David Corley

David Corley endured a not-so-idyllic childhood on a horse farm in the town of Lafayette in Indiana despite loving, close knit family relations with his grandma Annabelle, mother Sarah, sister Annie and their two dogs "Moose" and "Ox". For piano, "I would walk the four miles home from my piano teacher's house down gravel roads and through cornfields 'til my mom finally agreed to not make me go back." He began practicing the piano on his own, teaching himself songs from the radio and the stacks of eclectic sheet music lying around the house and quickly began to pen his own tunes. His sister Annie recalls, "David would hide or throw a fit to get out of going to lessons, but we always had a piano in the house and all of a sudden we would hear him playing so many great songs and I still have some of his earliest gems in my head..."

When he was nineteen, David had a series of ecstatic visionary and mystical experiences. After leaving the University of Georgia at the age of 20, he travelled across the country delivering trucks, and began to read and write obsessively. By the time he went back to University of Georgia (to study computer science?), he started to develop his voice as a songwriter, often breaking in to the Fine Arts Building to play his wild, original music on a grand piano in the middle of the night. His subsequent jaunts led him to Westport, Connecticut, to perfect his bar tending and roofing skills and settled for a time in New York City and Venice Beach, California for further forays in mixology and bar napkin poetry, among other "jack of all trade" jobs, which then drove him to live off the land for a few years in a remote cabin on a mountain in Georgia. If his heart hadn't exploded at the age of 40, David reckons he would still be there... but chose to recover from his surgery in his hometown of Lafayette, Indiana.

At the age of 53, Corley released his debut album, Available Light, in 2015 and has just released his second record Zero Moon, in May 2017. Corley is just completing a 17 show tour in Europe in Ireland, England, Italy and Germany.