Suzanne Jarvie

Suzanne Jarvie was born in colonial Hong Kong, to British parents. Raised in Toronto, Canada, she was steeped in and drew inspiration from the likes of Gram Parsons and Emmy Lou Harris to Dolly Parton, the Stanley Brothers and Lucinda Williams. Partly because Suzanne craved stability in the wake of her parents’ painful divorce, at age 14, and partly because of creative reticence, Jarvie went to university, became a lawyer, wife and mother of four children, with music playing only a small sideline.

It wasn’t really until 2011 when things changed. On an ordinary day, her oldest son had a tragic accident, falling down a spiral staircase, and went into a coma. “It blew everything apart, including me,” Suzanne recalls. “Despite the doctors saying he wouldn’t survive, the miracle of his slow recovery and healing occurred and changed the course of my life... One afternoon I heard a melody in my head and just started writing. I picked up my guitar and played an opening line, and words just started appearing, through the subconscious, through emotions and through a melodic filter. Over the next few months... all these songs came gushing out. And I basically had never written any music before except for some throwaway songs.”

Somehow, during the painful recovery of her son, she found the courage to record her stunning debut album Spiral Road about this raw, deeply personal and painful journey. The album received a 2015 nomination from the Independent Music Awards for Best Concept Album and spent 3 months on the Euro-Americana chart reaching #7.

Her inspiration continued with the launch of a new 6 song EP in February 2016, with originals and cover tracks, and a new record In The Clear is currently in production. She just finished playing 9 European shows in May 2017, and will be part of a Wolfe Island Records tour across Canada tour in the Fall of 2017.