“The Ropes” CD Review — Thrive Global

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“The Ropes” is lyrical, mystical, soulful and transcendent. The first time I put it on I was so compelled by its flavors and hues that I had to stop everything else I was doing, lie down on the wooden floor, and let the tones reverberate through my soul. Read the full article at Thrive Global: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/the-ropes-cd-review/

A Tale of Two Paintings

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The artists responsible for the album covers for The Ropes and Scarlett Graham have a lifelong connection. Here is the story behind these two beautiful works, in the artists’ own words. ISABEL STUKATOR We know each other through Leann, of course, whom I’ve known since she was 20. So when Eddie was born, and watching her grow up, mostly on …

The Spring Explosion, 2020: Facebook Live Week of April 26, and New Music

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Spring does drive creativity, and on Wolfe Island, we are nurturing new work while watching out for those on the island at risk — making sure everybody has enough food in a time when many are isolated and others can’t work. Where we can, it feels like our best role is to try and inject some positivity into lives that …

New Video and Music from Pros and Cons – the groundbreaking prison music program

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“Lost” from the album “Undisclosed Location” was recorded inside Grand Valley Institution for Women and performed and written by the inmates. This music video was shot on location inside the prison. We also present to you “Delicate Love,” a lead track from the collection about to be released from Joyceville Institution. The Pros and Cons prison music program continues to …

Blabber ‘n’ Smoke: Hadley McCall Thackston reviews

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“From the first flutterings of the opening song, Butterflies, to the closing Last Mountain Waltz the album springs, fully formed, from Miss Thackston’s imaginative mind and the excellent arrangement and production skills of Hugh Christopher Brown.” Read the whole article at Blabber ‘n’ Smoke: https://paulkerr.wordpress.com/2018/08/17/hadley-mccall-thackston-wolfe-island-records/

LonesomeHighway.com reviews Hadley McCall Thackston

Carlos Hadley McCall Thackston, News

“It’s a beautifully written account of a young woman’s coming of age, with reflections on childhood, insecurity, adolescence, peer pressure, self-doubt and reconciliation.” Read the whole article at LonesomeHighway.com: http://lonesomehighway.com/music-reviews/tag/hadley-mccall-thackston

FolkAndTumble.com — Interview with David Corley

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“Blessed with a gorgeous rasp of a voice, redolent of Tom Waits, Lou Reed and at times Van Morrison, and with songs soaked in hard-won memories and images that materialise as he sings, he has built up a dedicated core of fans, particularly in Europe and Ireland.” Read the whole article at FolkAndTumble.com: http://folkandtumble.com/interview-with-david-corley/

DailyVault.com: Hadley McCall Thackston review

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‘“Timeless” is one of those adjectives music writers throw around like confetti while rarely delving into what they actually mean by it. On the other hand, when you encounter an album by a 25-year-old that feels like it could have been made in any one of the preceding five or six decades, there’s no getting around it: this music feels …

Maxazine.nl: Hadley McCall Thackston review

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“A great album. Hadley McCall Thackston is a great promise. Now hope that she can maintain this level and fulfill this promise.” — (via Google Translate) Read the whole article (in Dutch) at Maxazine.nl: http://www.maxazine.nl/2018/07/20/hadley-mccall-thackston-hadley-mccall-thackston/

De krenten uit de pop: Hadley McCall Thackston review

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“it is the vocals on the record that make a deep impression… Hadley McCall Thackston has a special voice and a delicious Southern tongue.” — (via Google Translate) Read the whole article (in Dutch) at De krenten uit de pop: http://dekrentenuitdepop.blogspot.com/2018/07/hadley-mccall-thackston-hadley-mccall.html