Analogues of May

Analogues of May

Analogues of May (Sara Jarvie-Clark) is a first study into Sara’s expression as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Drifting between the spirit of folk, chamber pop & psychedelic rock, her education in classical violin and her training as a theatre artist has heavily influenced her songwriting over the years. Her musical contribution can be heard on the 2019 album In The Clear by Suzanne Jarvie (who also happens to be her mother!).

Her self-titled debut record, produced by Hugh Christopher Brown, was released September 1, 2022 by Wolfe Island Records. She visions this record as a sonic play of meditations and odysseys; impressions on love, grief, knowledge, and time.


Analogues of May – Blood

Analogues of May – Welcome To The Hellmouth

Analogues of May – Hyletic

Analogues of May – Harbour


Analogues of May

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