Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington was born in New York and raised in California, the middle child of Marge and Pat Harrington Jr. (Dwayne Schneider on the long-running hit 70’s TV series, One Day At A Time.)

Musically, Michael was taken equally by the work of acts from both sides of the Atlantic, exposed from an early age to the Byrds and the Beatles (the musical equivalent of the birds and the bees) and since then his pop sensibilities have continued to reflect an equal measure of both American and Anglo influences — as if Aimee Mann married Elvis Costello and their children were Roxy Music and The Grateful Dead. Throw in Filter, Semisonic, little feat, The Band, The Stones, The Who, Peter Gabriel and Squeeze and you get an idea of the range of his influences.

First up for Harrington on WIR is Relative North, a collection of 11 songs for and about the lost, dejected, and precious souls of this world, recorded with another famed relative, second cousin once removed, Canada’s own Hugh Christopher Brown. It only took the pair 20 years to collaborate, (hell it took them over 30 years to learn of each other’s existence). Hopefully the follow up won’t take as long.

The album (currently only available in digital form) was recorded over a 3 month period at Chris’ home base The Post Office, Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada. During that time, Michael feels extremely fortunate to have made so many new friends, and he looks forward to many more return trips up North.

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Michael Harrington – Everybody Waited For The Funeral – The Hotel Sessions


Michael Harrington
Relative North

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