Jukebox County

JukeBox County

JukeBox County is the stage name of Rich Tyo, whose prolific songwriting ranges from voodoo blues and gospel to astro-folk and rock. He creates sounds that are both danceable and introspective. The idea behind JukeBox County is to have a broad range of styles and sounds conveying a myriad of moods all the while embracing the root of good songwriting: storytelling. Drawing from influences such as Neil Young, Nick Drake, Ween, Velvet Underground, and The Beatles, JukeBox County music contains deep dialogues about what makes us human and how we cope with the questions that come with this profound and (at times) disheartening existence.

Rich has been a champion of grass roots music and arts for many years. Having spearheaded projects such as Rock and Roll Revival, Midnight Magic Rodeo Show, and Rockin’ Disco Bingo, Rich has always utilized music, art, and social issues as a way to engage his community and stimulate deeper contemplations of our connections with ourselves, each other, and the deeper well that we stem from.

Rich has developed numerous music-based mental health education programs for at-risk youth, he’s published his poetry in anthologies, and has spoken internationally on health, psychedelics, spirituality, and transpersonal development.

These past projects have been his main artistic endeavours of the past decade. Now, after years of community art-based education and lots of songwriting, JukeBox County will be releasing his first full length album with multi-instrumentalist and producer, Hugh Christopher Brown (Wolfe Island Records). The album, Inner Space Outer Space, is a fun and engaging album filled with songs that emerge from his experiences out on the streets working as a mental health crisis worker, in liminal realms, and from being witness to life’s hardships and the will to overcome through faith, compassion, firm grounding, and connecting to one’s passions above all else. The album will be released in Spring of 2021!

Join Jukebox County on a trip to inner space and outer space—the places of wonder and imagination, isolation and connection, alien abductions and re-discovering the deepest wisdom inside ourselves and connecting with all that is in this vast universe.

JukeBox County

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