Burden of Belief


Chris started ‘Burden’ on a mono Wallensak reel to reel, and finished it with long time comrade Lurch at Broadcast Lane in Toronto. The first acoustic performances of classic CB tracks including ‘Superior’ and ‘Ain’t Missed It Yet’.

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Recorded on a 40’s Wollensak mono reel to reel in the Brooklyn kitchen that housed and fed touring Canadians for a decade. (The Cathouse, aka President Street aka Chris and Kate’s place on President). Edited and completed by Lurch at Broadcast Lane, Toronto.

Featuring Luther Wright & the Wrongs (Cam Giroux, Sean Kelly, Dan Curtis), Kate Fenner, Sarah Harmer, Steve Pitkin, Don Kerr, Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Stella Panacci, Rick Hyslop, Tony Scherr, Tim Luntzel, Gary Edwards, Sean Turrell, Tyler Stewart, Luke Doucet, Jason Collett, Lurch, Jim Creegan, Renee Pietrangelo, Chris Miller, Juliette Miller.

Released 2003