LonesomeHighway.com reviews Hadley McCall Thackston

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“It’s a beautifully written account of a young woman’s coming of age, with reflections on childhood, insecurity, adolescence, peer pressure, self-doubt and reconciliation.” Read the whole article at LonesomeHighway.com: http://lonesomehighway.com/music-reviews/tag/hadley-mccall-thackston

FolkAndTumble.com — Interview with David Corley

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“Blessed with a gorgeous rasp of a voice, redolent of Tom Waits, Lou Reed and at times Van Morrison, and with songs soaked in hard-won memories and images that materialise as he sings, he has built up a dedicated core of fans, particularly in Europe and Ireland.” Read the whole article at FolkAndTumble.com: http://folkandtumble.com/interview-with-david-corley/

DailyVault.com: Hadley McCall Thackston review

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‘“Timeless” is one of those adjectives music writers throw around like confetti while rarely delving into what they actually mean by it. On the other hand, when you encounter an album by a 25-year-old that feels like it could have been made in any one of the preceding five or six decades, there’s no getting around it: this music feels …

Maxazine.nl: Hadley McCall Thackston review

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“A great album. Hadley McCall Thackston is a great promise. Now hope that she can maintain this level and fulfill this promise.” — (via Google Translate) Read the whole article (in Dutch) at Maxazine.nl: http://www.maxazine.nl/2018/07/20/hadley-mccall-thackston-hadley-mccall-thackston/

De krenten uit de pop: Hadley McCall Thackston review

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“it is the vocals on the record that make a deep impression… Hadley McCall Thackston has a special voice and a delicious Southern tongue.” — (via Google Translate) Read the whole article (in Dutch) at De krenten uit de pop: http://dekrentenuitdepop.blogspot.com/2018/07/hadley-mccall-thackston-hadley-mccall.html

Fervor Coulee reviews Hadley McCall Thackston

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“McCall Thackston has a bright, buoyant voice ideal for bittersweet love ballads and moodscapes of melody and melancholy.” Read the whole article at Fervor Coulee: https://fervorcoulee.wordpress.com/2018/06/24/hadley-mccall-thackston-review/ But that’s not all! Fervor Coulee also chooses HMT in the mid-year “Favourite Roots Albums of 2018, so far” list: “A beautiful, stunning debut: like Venus, she emerges fully realized…” https://fervorcoulee.wordpress.com/2018/07/01/favourite-roots-albums-of-2018-so-far/

Folkradio.co.uk – Song of the Day – Hadley McCall Thackston – Butterfly

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“Our Song of the Day is delivered by the exquisite vocals of 25-year-old Hadley McCall Thackston who hails from Decatur, Georgia. Butterfly is the opening track of her eponymous debut album (out on Wolfe Island Records on June 15, 2018), one that’s sure to win the hearts of many on first listen.” Read the whole article at FolkRadio.co.uk: http://www.folkradio.co.uk/2018/05/premiere-hadley-mccall-thackston-butterfly/

Wolfe Island Records Celebrates the Porch-to-Porch Metamorphosis of Hadley McCall Thackston with the Release of her Debut Album on June 15, 2018

Carlos Hadley McCall Thackston, News

A new artist finds her voice during an unforeseen pilgrimage that starts in Decatur, Georgia and leads her to an old post office on a remote island of Ontario, Canada Continental Record Services (CRS) distributes Hadley’s record across Europe “Hadley McCall Thackston’s debut album is utterly charming. Excellent songs and great musical arrangements. “Change” is a pretty damn effective plea …

Daily Vault reviews Jimmy & The Moon

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“Let’s begin with props where they are surely due: this album sounds like a rock album should. It has not been overproduced or overprogrammed. Every instrument—guitar, bass, drums, organ—sounds live, regardless of how or when it was recorded. And it’s clear Autotune never touched the vocals, whose imperfections shine like diamonds, reminding you that this is real music made by real human beings.”

NOW Magazine: “…the first album made inside a Canadian federal women’s prison”

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It looks like a community centre or a campus – inmates live in shared housing, wear their own clothes, order groceries once a week – but Kitchener’s Grand Valley Institution for Women is a prison. “We can walk around [between buildings],” an inmate tells me, “but we can’t leave.” We’re sitting in a gymnasium set up for a special International …