New Music for National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021

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I am so grateful that these gentlemen have an opportunity to share their stories through song today especially, June 21st. The first day of many to come! — Terri-Lynn Brennan, CEO, Inclusive Voices On this solstice, and day of celebration of Indigenous peoples, we release these songs lovingly made by Indigenous artists. We hope you will enjoy, share and be edified …

Ontario musician releases tribute to farmers

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An Ontario musician’s latest song pays tribute to hardworking farm families everywhere. Clem Chesterfield’s ‘Date Night’ tells the story of a man and woman in love, putting in long hours on the farm. “I got to talking with some of my farm friends and the song is basically a compilation of those conversations,” the Kingston, Ont.-based performer, whose real name …

The Gertrudes — Parham

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All proceeds from the sale of this track will go to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Please visit for more information about how to donate and download the full song!

*Please note: this video deals with a traumatic event and may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Ropes’ “Goldmine” featured on The Scales Project

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The Scales Project is a conversation between artists. It is a call-and-response, a provocation, and a forum for connection and communication through art about the climate crisis and ecological collapse. Artists take cues from each other’s work, posing and responding to aesthetic, moral, and personal questions that consider our relationship to the natural environment, how we have arrived where we …

The Mill Rights – Jemima Surrender – The Band

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During the lockdowns, we tried doing some audio/video recordings with whatever we had layin’ around the house. We’ve always loved learning songs by The Band. They’re both challenging and incredibly fun to play. We often begin and end our rehearsals this way. It’s great because we all get to sing together. It’s like musical group therapy. It works wonders on …

“The Ropes” CD Review — Thrive Global

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“The Ropes” is lyrical, mystical, soulful and transcendent. The first time I put it on I was so compelled by its flavors and hues that I had to stop everything else I was doing, lie down on the wooden floor, and let the tones reverberate through my soul. Read the full article at Thrive Global:

The Gertrudes — The Other Side

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The Other Side, by The Gertrudes, September 2020 Mixed by Jason Mercer, Produced by The Gertrudes and Jason Mercer Engineered by Dylan Lodge, Jason Mercer, Matt Rogalsky Animations by Chantal Rousseau, Edited by Josh Lyon