The Gertrudes — Headlines (Live At The Kingston Grand Theatre)

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A video for “Headlines” was recorded live from a recent residency The Gertrudes had the pleasure of playing at the illustrious Grand Theatre in Kingston.

The Gertrudes are:
Annie Clifford: fiddle, vocals
Jason Mercer: banjo, bass, vocals
Jason Erb: piano, bass, vocals
Josh Lyon: accordion
Pete Bowers: drums
Anna Sudac: vocals
Greg Tilson: acoustic guitar, vocals
Matt Rogalsky: electric guitar, vocals
Mariah Horner: vocals
Arden Rogalsky: percussion, bass, vocals
Meghan Balogh: fiddle, vocals

Featuring Special Guests:
Jonathan Stewart: saxophones
Benji Perosin: trumpet

Directed and Edited by Josh Lyon
Camera Operators: Hannah Lyon and Allen Bergeron
Recorded by Mark Fraser and Matt Rogalsky
Audio Mixed and Mastered by Matt Rogalsky
Lighting by Ryan Bol

Grand Theatre Staff:
Larry Stafford, Production Supervisor
Terri-Lynn Dunleavy, Cleaner
Dianne Zemba, Manager
Production Technicians:
David L. Smith
Peter Cassidy

With thanks to The City of Kingston and The Kingston Grand Theatre.