New Year Song (Lyric Video) – Steven Heighton

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From the album The Devil’s Share (2021, Wolfe Island Records/CRS Europe)
Lyrics and music by Steven Heighton
© Steven Heighton/Hightone Music (SOCAN/ASCAP)


Now I understand the altar call
I’ve been that close to dying
Now I read the rabbi’s moving lips
On the sickbed where he’s lying
And the refugee adrift at sea
When it seems no god’s replying
Repeat the call, I swear that I’ll
Come forward bent and crying

Now I know the man who turns to pills
His life left unattended
The punch-drunk boxer broods alone
He once was a contender
And another loves so deeply
She’s completely undefended
Repeat the call, I swear that I’ll
Come forward and surrender

Now I understand the priest who fears
He’s sold his flock a fable
The man who bets his hopes and debts
With no aces for the table
The girl who calms her friends with song
Though she’s scared and barely stable
Repeat the call, I swear that I’ll
Come forward if I’m able

I once believed in love received—
You’re saved by the love they gave you
Now I see it the other way—
Yeah, only love you give can save you

Now I understand the gospel choir
And the Muslim cantor’s singing
The chant of freedom marchers when
The bells of change are ringing
The sentenced one who greets the sun
Though he knows what dawn is bringing
Repeat the call, I swear that I’ll
Embrace this new beginning
Repeat the call, repeat the call
And I’ll come forward singing.

from The Devil’s Share, released April 24, 2021
Lyrics and music by Steven Heighton. © 2020 Steven Heighton/Hightone Music (SOCAN).

Pete Bowers: drums
Hugh Christopher Brown: choir
Steven Heighton: vocals, guitar, choir
Sherman Holmes: choir
Jason Mercer: bass
Sarah McDermott: backing vocals, choir
Ginger Pharand: backing vocals, choir

Video production: Ginger Pharand
Performance footage: Kevin Bowers

The Devil’s Share released April 2021 by Wolfe Island Records/CRS Europe.

© all rights reserved