JukeBox County – Put Me Down (Official Video)

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Jukebox County – Put Me Down – off the album ‘Inner Space Outer Space’ (2021)

Produced by Jamstone Productions
Directed by Céline Klein
Pre-production assistant: Emily-Kate Taylor
Production assistant: Matt Sandell
Lighting designer: Peter Pharand
Post-Production: Celine Klein

Music produced by Wolfe Island Records/ Hugh Christopher Brown

In the video:
Rich Tyo
Sarah McDermott
Daynah Hansen
Joshua Shi
Vera Vertegaal
Colin Krstic
Pete Bowers
Rocky Roberts
Hugh Christopher Brown
Clem Chesterfield
Patrick Aaron

Acoustic guitar, lead vocals: Rich Tyo
Piano: Hugh Christopher Brown
Bass: Jason Mercer
Drums: Pete Bowers
Jive Rhythm Bluesy guitar: Jake Bury
Electric Guitar: Cory Murray
Backing vocals: Sarah McDermott
Percussion: Teilhard Frost