Rebuild the Wall


Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” re-imagined by Luther Wright & The Wrongs as a country/bluegrass album.

To purchase or stream, visit Luther’s website, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, or Spotify at the links below.

Sold By: Wolfe Island Records



For over twenty years, these great C&W songs cooked in the stew pot of Rock ’n’ Roll. That is, until Sheriff Luther and his deputies The Wrongs hit town to engineer the biggest country/bluegrass rescue operation in human history! Sure it was dangerous. But good songs is good songs and there was no stopping these cowpunks once the idea took root.

So now for your listening pleasure, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” re-recorded by the talented and ruthlessly handsome Luther Wright & The Wrongs. Led by guitarist/vocalist Luther Wright, The Wrongs are powered by the fabulous Cam Giroux on drums/vocals, Sean Kelly on bass/vocals, Dan Curtis on lead electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin/vocals and Olesh Maximew rounding things out on pedal steel. Part-time Wrong Jason Mercer (bassist for Ani Difranco) plays all those fast banjo bits that take this baby over the top!

Available on CD from Luther’s website, as a digital download from iTunes, and streaming on Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music.


“It’s fantastic, I can thoroughly recommend it.”
— Roger Waters commenting on Rebuild the Wall, The Guardian, U.K.

Where the original floated on some distant, emotionally wrought plain, the Wrongs rump and whump, making you want to grab yer girl — yup, the one with pink hair and a pierced tongue — and two-step. Or do the Grateful Dead spin. Or mosh. Whatever.
— Shaun Assael, New York Times

This inspired Canadian twang band filled a niche few of us knew needed filling: They recast THE WALL as a hillbilly song cycle. Sound ridiculous? They’re dead serious, and darn good at it!
— San Francisco Chronicle