Suzanne Jarvie Interview with No Depression

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“Spiral Road, the impressive debut album from Canadian Suzanne Jarvie has been universally lauded since its release in April. Compared by many to Emmylou Harris Jarvie delivers sweet country rock, lilting ballads and lowering country funk over the course of the disc’s 10 songs.” Read the whole article:  

Project reviewed by Samaritan Mag

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“What does the rehabilitation of incarcerated people look like? Is it hard labour? Intensive counseling and soul-searching? Career training for eventual life on the outside? Chris Brown thinks he has a partial answer: prisoner rehabilitation looks a lot like making a record, which happens to incorporate all the above and plenty more.” — Samaritan Mag 18 August 2014 Read entire article at Samaritan …

Rocky Roberts performs “Pioneer Mary”

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Originally Uploaded on Feb 10 2011, this video is from the authorized and professionally produced DVD “A Tribute to Nils Lofgren” recorded live in Rockville, MD on August 25, 2004. The DVD is available from or and it includes over 25 songs PLUS the first-ever reunion of Grin, interviews, The Nils Lofgren Day Ceremony, and beautiful concert photos. …