The Mill Rights – Jemima Surrender – The Band

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During the lockdowns, we tried doing some audio/video recordings with whatever we had layin’ around the house. We’ve always loved learning songs by The Band. They’re both challenging and incredibly fun to play. We often begin and end our rehearsals this way. It’s great because we all get to sing together. It’s like musical group therapy. It works wonders on our wellbeing, and completely sets the pace for the rest of our rehearsal time. This track is called “Jemima Surrender” from their self titled second album. On the original recording, Levon Helm steps out from behind the drums to sing and play guitar, while Richard Manuel takes a break from piano to fill in on the drums. The song has been discribed as lascivious, and is said to have partly inspired Naomi Weisstein to form the Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band. The song was written by Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson.