Revelation is the debut album from Lara Taubman.

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Lara Taubman heard the call to sing and write songs four years ago after a career as a visual arts writer and curator. Her music falls gracefully under the folk genre but within are inspirations of rock and country music, urban street music and the hill music of the Appalachian mountains where she grew up. Today she uses her voice, words and a guitar to do what she loves most — make music, heal, perform and connect to listeners with music.

Her debut album, Revelation, produced by Hugh Christopher Brown (David Corley, Suzanne Jarvie) was born from the darkness and created in the name of life and light. She lives happy, free and grateful in her home of New York City and Wolfe Island, Canada.


Try to listen to your demons
Cause they want you to know
'Neath their angry voices
Is the song of self-love
Look right outside your door
The sun is shining there
Warmth is right where you stand
The length of your arm is the strength of what you are
You can change the whole wide world
With the truth in your heart
And it waits for you
Just like a child
Love is so simple
And that's been my revelation.

"Lara brings so much life to her songs, singing through experience and spiritual wonder which is new every time I listen. Wisdom is innocent and experience is truth. This is what I learned working on these songs."
Hugh Christopher Brown, Producer of “Revelation” and Founder of Wolfe Island Records

Release date: July 10, 2020
Marketed in Europe by Continental Record Services