Lara Taubman

Telerama France on Lara Taubman’s Revelation “…Everything is there, from Hangman to Raven and we believe in it “

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The Joni Mitchell Award for 2021 was believed to have already been awarded to Virginian Lael Neale. And here is Lara Taubman with an album called Revelation (at Wolfe Island). Her first. In fact finished in May of last year, officially released then but returned home immediately, to be reborn in this spring. From Sound of Heartbreak, we are struck …

The Spring Explosion, 2020: Facebook Live Week of April 26, and New Music

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Spring does drive creativity, and on Wolfe Island, we are nurturing new work while watching out for those on the island at risk — making sure everybody has enough food in a time when many are isolated and others can’t work. Where we can, it feels like our best role is to try and inject some positivity into lives that …